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Festival of Lights 2024

From 4th October to 13th October 2024 it’s on again: numerous Berlin’s squares, landmarks, districts and buildings get colourfully illuminated and present an absolutely unique and spectacular sight. The creative artists immerse world-famous landmarks, such as the Brandenburg Gate and the Television Tower in magical light, the fascination of which no one can resist. The Festival, that already celebrates its 18th birthday this year, is a genuine magnet for audiences, because it represents the metropolis from a breathtaking and nearly magical side. Besides, there is an extensive programme framework, which is particularly broad this year. While the so called Open Doors Night has already become a tradition and invites the spectators to gain a luxury glimpse behind countless illuminated facades, the Laser Show ‘Lumissimo’ in the Berlin Cathedral guarantees a few goosebumps moments.

In order to ensure maximum visibility and audience admiration, the sophisticated lighting acts are mainly performed in the core hours between 19:00 and 23:00. The spectators have the opportunity to gaze at the illuminated stations from an entirely different perspective. A visit to the Festival is free of charge this year again; no admission fees are to be paid. The Festival of Lights is organised and funded through a private enterprising initiative with numerous committed sponsors contributing to the success of the programme.

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