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ILA Berlin Air Show

About 65,000 visitors are expected again at the ILA Berlin Air Show 2024, which takes place from 5th of June to 9th of June. This internationally renowned Trade Fair is a meeting point and market place as well as the leading exhibition for the entire global Aviation and Airspace industry. According to the view of the Managing Director of German Aerospace Industries Association (BDLI), Dietmar Schrick,: With record numbers of manufacturers, sector-specific suppliers and service providers, together with international customers attending the previous exhibition, further development of the Trade Fair explicitly reflected corresponding market requirements. For 2024 it is anticipated that significant business and contact partners from Research, Science, Military, Politic and Economic sectors will be present again.

The ILA Berlin Air Show 2024 is focused on a number of priority areas. In particular great emphasis is placed on both the Civil Aviation and the Aerospace industry. This is not entirely unexpected given that the former brings numerous global challenges and opportunities into the fields of eco-efficiency, innovative technologies, optimised traffic and fleet management. Simultaneously the latter presents itself at the Trade show as a decisive key for Science, the Economy, growth and prosperity.

Furthermore the Military Aviation, Security and Defence sectors are of overriding importance. In this respect the Trade Fair presents itself as one of the leading European Fairs for defence technology. It also acts as a market place for the sub-contractors of the corresponding divisions all around the Aerospace market.

The ILA has also developed into one of the most significant Aerospace job fairs. Since Germany lacks thousands of qualified technicians, engineers and scientists, it is an extremely important opportunity for the employers to obtain access to qualified personnel and to skilled lateral entrants.

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